11 Ideas What to Do with an Old Pop-up Camper

Remember that old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well, I couldn’t agree more, especially after I discovered my old pop-up camper lying around, collecting dust. Yes, the very same one that had witnessed numerous family road trips and countless camping adventures. With age, it had seen better days and was no longer in use. That’s when I started brainstorming and found several creative, practical ideas that I’d love to share with you.

Finding Out Pop-Up Camper Worth

The first thing I did was find out my pop-up camper worth. Trust me, it’s an essential step before you make any major decision. I dug a little deeper, considering factors like its age, condition, brand, and even the current market demand.

Decision Time: Get Rid of Old Camper or Refurbish?

Now, this was the tough part. Should I get rid of the old camper or refurbish it? After evaluating the worth and considering the cost of refurbishment, I decided to give it a second life.

11 Ideas What to Do with an Old Pop-up Camper

  1. Converting Pop-up Camper to Hardside
  2. Decorating a Pop-up Camper
  3. DIY Pop-up Camper Project
  4. Cool Pop-up Camper Ideas
  5. Pop-Up Camper Winter Camping
  6. Pop-Up Camper Makeovers
  7. Paint a Pop-up Camper
  8. Using Your Old Camper for DIY Projects
  9. Transform Your Camper Into Tent Trailers
  10. Sewing Machine Storage
  11. Scrap a Camper: Know the Scrap Price for Pop-up Camper

Converting Pop-up Camper to Hardside

My first grand idea was converting the pop-up camper to a hard side. It was a bit challenging, but the transformation significantly improved its longevity. Plus, it provided better insulation, which came handy for pop-up camper winter camping.

Decorating a Pop-up Camper

Next, I embarked on the fun part: decorating the pop-up camper. I decided to add a personal touch with some cool décor items, transforming it into a cozy space. I threw in some colorful curtains, rugs, and a couple of comfy cushions. It was amazing how it turned from drab to fab in no time.

DIY Pop-up Camper Project

Being a DIY enthusiast, I couldn’t resist turning this into my next DIY pop-up camper project. I decided to repaint the interior, replace the old flooring, and construct a new fold-out bed. The result was worth every sweat drop.

DIY Pop-up Camper Project

Cool Pop-up Camper Ideas

As I started exploring more cool pop-up camper ideas, I realized the endless possibilities. I even converted it into a mobile art studio for my daughter. It turned out to be her favorite spot to unleash her creativity.

Pop-Up Camper Winter Camping

I’ve always loved winter camping, so I modified the camper for pop-up camper winter camping. Insulating the walls, upgrading the heating system, and using weatherproof materials made it a perfect home away from home during those chilly camping trips.

Pop-Up Camper Makeovers

I wasn’t done yet. I continued with the pop-up camper makeovers. I reupholstered the seats, installed new cabinetry, and updated the lighting fixtures. It felt like a brand-new camper all over again.

Paint a Pop-up Camper

The exterior deserved a facelift too. So, I decided to paint the pop-up camper. I went with a bold, vibrant color to give it a fresh, modern look. And boy, did it turn heads!

Using Your Old Camper for DIY Projects

I realized the old camper could also serve as an ideal space for all my DIY projects. It provided the perfect creative workshop, from woodworking to crafting.

Transform Your Camper Into Tent Trailers

Being a camping enthusiast, I also thought of converting the old camper into tent trailers. Now, it serves as a robust and sheltered mobile camping solution. A bit of nostalgia with a dash of practicality.

Sewing Machine Storage

My wife loves crafting, and the old camper provided the perfect spacious storage for her sewing machine. Now, she has her dedicated workspace, and trust me, she couldn’t be happier.

Scrap a Camper: Know the Scrap Price for Pop-up Camper

Finally, after all these transformations and adaptations, if your old camper is beyond repair or use, you might want to consider scrapping it. I explored the scrap price for a pop-up camper and realized it could fetch a decent amount.

Camper Tips and Tricks

Throughout this journey of transformation, I learned many camper tips and tricks. From space-saving ideas to maintenance tips, every nugget of wisdom helped me make the most of what I had.

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So, there you have it – my personal journey with my old pop-up camper. There are countless ways to repurpose an old camper. It all boils down to your needs, skills, and budget. So, why not make the most out of your old camper and turn it into something practical, fun, or even profitable?


  • What is a good scrap price for a pop-up camper?

    The scrap price for a pop-up camper can vary greatly depending on its size, weight, and current metal prices.

  • Can I convert my pop-up camper into a hard side by myself?

    Yes, with the right tools, materials, and a fair bit of DIY skill, it’s possible to convert a pop-up camper into a hard side. I did it, and you can too.

  • Is it worth turning my old pop-up camper into a winter camping rig?

    If you enjoy camping throughout the year, converting your old pop-up camper for winter use could be a valuable project.

  • How can I decorate my pop-up camper?

    From painting and upholstery to installing new light fixtures and accessories, there are countless ways to decorate a pop-up camper.

  • How can I find out the worth of my old pop-up camper?

    The worth of an old pop-up camper can be found by researching similar models online, checking out RV websites, or consulting with professionals in the industry.

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