The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent Review

When it comes to camping, having a good quality tent is a must. Among the camping tents, Coleman and Klymit tents are my favorites. I recently tried out the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent on a weekend camping trip, and its performance impressed me. So, this Klymit Cross Canyon 4 tent review will help you decide whether it will be the best tent for your camping trip or not.

In A Hurry? Our Top 4 Reasons To Buy The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent

Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent

  • It has Convenient and Thoughtful Features
  • Spaciousness and Storage
  • This tent allows multiple sleeping configurations
  • Quality Construction and Ventilation

Brief Overview of the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent Review

The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent is the best tent in the Cross Canyon series.  It is mainly made for families or groups of up to four people who want plenty of space to sleep and relax during their camping trips. It is very light to take camping, so you can carry it easily. The tent measures 8 x 8 feet in floor space, with an additional vestibule area for gear storage or cooking on each side. Also, its interior has enough headroom. As a result, tall people can easily enjoy their camping.

Design and Features of Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent

Revolutionary Pole Design for Effortless Setup

The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent’s pole shape is one of its most distinguishing features. Its innovative inflatable poles make it a quick and easy setup. This innovative system lets you set up your tent in minutes instead of hours, and the poles inflate quickly and easily without using pumps or special equipment. 

Comfortable interior living space with Room Divider

The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent boasts ample interior space that can accommodate four people comfortably. The tent features a room divider that enables you to create two separate sleeping areas, providing extra privacy and flexibility for families or groups of friends. With a ceiling height of 6 feet, the tent also offers enough headroom for tall individuals to move around comfortably.

Multiple Vestibules for Gear Storage

In addition to its spacious interior, the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent also comes with multiple vestibules for gear storage.  These vestibules give you a lot of room to keep your camping stuff organized without cluttering up your sleeping area. 

Overall, this tent’s features provide you with one of the most comfortable camping experiences you’ll ever have!

Waterproof and Wind-Resistant Capabilities

One of the standout features of this tent is its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The polyester fabric used to build it has a waterproof coating that keeps rainwater out, even during heavy downpours. Also, all the tent’s holes are sealed so water can’t get in.

The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent also has impressive wind-resistant capabilities because of its unique pole design. These aluminum poles are designed to flex and bend in windy conditions without compromising strength or stability. This means you can feel confident your shelter will remain standing even if you’re camping in gusty winds.

Convenient pockets and loops for organization

I also appreciated how many pockets and loops were included in this tent’s design, making organization a breeze. There are ample storage pockets throughout both sides of the tent to store anything from flashlights to water bottles. Additionally, there are several loops sewn into each corner of the ceiling where you can hang gear or even create a makeshift clothesline if needed.

Long-Lasting Durability Even in Harsh Conditions

Thanks to its high-quality materials and construction, this tent is built for long-lasting durability, even under extreme conditions. Whether you’re camping in hot desert temperatures or facing a fierce thunderstorm, you can trust that this shelter will hold up well over time. Overall, if you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable camping shelter that can withstand harsh weather conditions, look no further than the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent!


  • Its easy setup and takedown process saves our time and effort.
  • Its lightweight features make it easy to carry
  • Durable construction and materials ensure long-lasting use.
  • It offers multiple interior storage pockets for organizing gear.
  • The spacious and versatile design allows for multiple sleeping configurations.


  • Annoying vestibule design that requires unpegging to open fully.
  • Zipper issues with the rain fly may cause difficulties in opening and closing.

Final words

Now you have got it. How was the Klymit Cross Canyon 4-person tent Review?

The Klymit Cross Canyon 4-person tent may not fulfill every camper’s requirements. But you will like it because of its remarkable features and unique design.

It has fair pricing, and you can get it on Amazon Prime.

Overall, the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent is a great choice for anyone who wants a tent that is durable, comfortable, and easy to use. The different types of vestibules are great for keeping the tent organized and out of the weather. In terms of materials and durability, the Cross Canyon 4 is built to withstand bad weather conditions like wind and rain. 

No matter if it’s hot or cold when you go camping, the Cross Canyon 4 keeps you comfortable the whole time. Compared to other tents in its price range, the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent is the best choice and performs very well in every way. 

So if you’re looking for a high-quality tent that won’t disappoint you when it matters most, consider adding the Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Tent to your gear collection today!


Has anyone used this for backpacking?

Yes, some users have used this backpacking.

How tall is the ceiling inside?

The peak height of the ceiling is 46 inches.

What is the diameter of the poles?

The poles for the Klymit Cross Canyon tent have a diameter of approximately 3/8 of an inch.

How heavy is the 2P vs. 4P tent when fully packed?

The Cross Canyon 2 weighs 6 lbs, and the 4-person tent weighs 10.7 lbs when packed.

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