How to Store Camping Chairs?

In the realm of outdoor adventure and leisure, camping chairs are undoubtedly a crucial part of your camping gear. They provide the comfort needed to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors fully. However, like any other equipment, it’s important to store camping chairs to ensure their longevity and performance properly. This article offers useful advice and steps on how to store camping chairs effectively.

Importance of Proper Camping Gear Storage

A good idea that is often overlooked by many is the significance of proper storage for camping equipment. Not only does it help to save space, but it also prolongs the lifespan of your gear. Camping chairs left in storage without appropriate care can degrade over time, losing their comfort and functionality. This is why learning proper storage techniques is essential.

Choosing the Right Camping Chair for Easy Storage

Camping chairs come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to storage, some are more convenient than others.

Folding Camp Chairs

Folding camp chairs are a popular choice due to their easy-to-store nature. Their collapsible feature makes them a cinch to pack up and stow away, requiring less storage space compared to other types.

Folding Camp Chairs
Folding Camp Chairs

Seat Cushions

For those who value minimalism, seat cushions can be an excellent alternative. These cushions can easily fit into sleeping bags or storage bags when not in use.

Top 13 Ideas to Store Your Camping Chairs

There are numerous creative ways to store your camping chairs, maximizing your storage space and maintaining the condition of your chairs.

Here is the top 13 Camping Chair Storage Ideas:

  1. Storing Camping Chairs on a Wall
  2. Large Storage Bins and Storage Bags
  3. Utilizing a Storage Rack
  4. Utilize Under-Bed Storage
  5. Use Overhead Garage Storage
  6. Build a Custom Closet
  7. Utilize Outdoor Shed
  8. Use Vertical Shoe Racks
  9. Try Out Pegboards
  10. Consider a Storage Ottoman
  11. Using a Hall Tree
  12. Loft or Attic Storage
  13. Adopting a Behind-the-Door Storage Rack

Storing Camping Chairs on a Wall

One efficient method is to hang your camping chairs on a wall. This technique keeps your chairs off the ground, preventing potential damage and saving floor space.

Large Storage Bins and Storage Bags

Large storage bins and bags offer an all-in-one storage solution. Chairs, seat cushions, and even sleeping bags can all fit into these, reducing clutter and keeping your camping gear organized.

Utilizing a Storage Rack

A storage rack can be an ideal option if you have several camping chairs. It helps to neatly arrange your chairs, making them easily accessible for your next camping trip.

Utilize Under-Bed Storage

If you have a bed with space underneath, this can be an excellent location to store camping chairs. Simply slide them under the bed when they’re not in use. Ensure the chairs are clean and dry before doing so to prevent dirt or moisture from damaging your floors.

Use Overhead Garage Storage

An often under-utilized space in many homes is the overhead area in the garage. You can install an overhead storage system to hang your camping chairs, freeing up valuable floor space.

Build a Custom Closet

If you have the resources, a custom closet or cabinet built specifically for your camping gear could be a great solution. You can design it to fit your camping chairs perfectly, along with other gear like sleeping bags and tents.

Utilize Outdoor Shed

For those with an outdoor shed, it can act as the perfect storage space for camping chairs. Just make sure to use protective covers to shield them from dust and any potential pest damage.

Use Vertical Shoe Racks

Vertical shoe racks can be repurposed to store folding camping chairs. These racks can be mounted on any wall, and chairs can be hung on the hooks typically used for shoes.

Try Out Pegboards

Pegboards provide a flexible storage system where you can insert pegs at varying heights to hang camping chairs. This idea allows for a customizable storage system that can adapt to chairs of different sizes.

Consider a Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans provide a dual function: they offer a place to sit and internal storage space. Smaller camping gear, like seat cushions, can be stored inside while the ottoman itself becomes an added furniture piece in your home.

Using a Hall Tree

A hall tree, commonly used to hang coats and hats, can be a perfect spot to hang camping chairs. Especially for folding chairs, the hooks of a hall tree provide an easy-access place to store them when they’re not in use.

Loft or Attic Storage

If your home has a loft or an attic, it can be a fantastic place to store camping chairs. Just be mindful of the temperature and humidity conditions, as extremes can affect the chairs’ material over time.

Adopting a Behind-the-Door Storage Rack

The space behind a door is often underused. Using a behind-the-door storage rack, you can neatly store and organize your folding camping chairs, utilizing a space that would otherwise be empty.

Essential Tools for Storing Your Chairs

Certain tools can make storing your chairs simpler and more efficient.

  • Bungee Cord: A bungee cord is a versatile tool for securing your chairs in place, whether on a storage rack or on the wall.
  • Protective Cover: Protective covers are valuable for maintaining your chairs’ condition, especially when storing them outdoors. They shield your chairs from dust, moisture, and UV damage.

Tips to Save Space while Storing Camping Chairs

Saving space is a key consideration when storing camping gear. It’s always a good idea to explore ways to consolidate your gear without causing any damage. Storing smaller items like seat cushions inside larger items such as sleeping bags or storage bins can maximize your storage space.

Preventing Damage to Camping Chairs During Storage

  • Choose suitable storage space: Selecting the right storage area is key to preventing damage. Keep away from areas with direct sunlight, high humidity, or risk of water leakage. A dry, ventilated area is your best bet.
  • Protect from pests: Pests can ruin your camping chair by chewing on the fabric or nesting within. Use pest control measures and make sure your storage area is secure from rodents and insects.
  • Keep away from sharp objects: Sharp objects can tear the fabric of your chair. Make sure you store your camping chair away from items that could potentially scratch or pierce it.

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Storing your camping chairs properly not only keeps them in excellent condition but also optimizes your storage space. With the right tools and strategies, you can effortlessly protect and organize your camping gear.


  • Can I store my camping chairs outside?

    Yes, but it’s recommended to use a protective cover to shield them from the elements.

  • Can folding camp chairs be stored in a storage bag?

    Absolutely, folding camp chairs are designed to be compact and can easily fit into a storage bag.

  • Is it a good idea to store camping chairs on a wall?

    Yes, storing camping chairs on a wall saves floor space and protects the chairs from potential damage.

  • What other camping gear can I store in large storage bins?

    You can store a variety of camping gear such as sleeping bags, seat cushions, and even smaller tents.

  • Can a bungee cord help in storing camping chairs?

    Definitely, a bungee cord can be used to secure chairs on a rack or wall, keeping them firmly in place.

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