20 Camping in the Rain Activities for All Ages

Let’s face it, camping in the rain is a real possibility on any camping trip. While a little rain can sometimes put a damper on your plans, it doesn’t have to ruin your entire camping experience! With some creativity and preparation, you can still have a fun and memorable time camping in the rain.

The key is having activities for all ages ready to keep your group entertained. The best camping in the rain activities allow you to make the most of bad weather with good company. From cozy indoor activities to embracing the rain with water play and hikes, there are plenty of options.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • 5 rainy day camping activities for adults
  • 5 rainy day camping activities for toddlers
  • 5 rainy day camping activities for kids
  • 5 rainy day camping activities for families

With this wide range of fun camping activities for rainy days, you’ll be ready for anything the weather throws your way! Don’t let a little rain ruin your next camping trip; read on for 20 fun rainy day camping ideas.

5 Rainy Day Camping Activities for Adults

Rainy Day Camping Activities for Adults

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the fun has to stop when you’re out camping as an adult. Try these rainy day activities to pass the time:

Enjoy Cozy Meals and Drinks

Bad weather is the perfect excuse to whip up some comforting camp cuisine like chili, stew, or grilled cheese sandwiches. And what goes better with a meal than a warm drink? Break out the cocoa, coffee, tea, or hot toddies and dine in style.

Make it a potluck affair and have each adult contribute a special dish or beverage to enjoy together in the cozy confines of your tent or camper. Don’t forget the campfire desserts, like grilled banana boats!

Get creative with themed meals and cocktails. A taco bar or Italian night are fun ideas. Mix up some hot, buttered rum or spiked cider. The possibilities are endless for delicious camp meals.

Play Cards and Board Games

A rainy afternoon or evening is the ideal time to break out decks of cards, board games, crossword puzzles, and other indoor diversions. Some great options include cribbage, Uno, Scattergories, Yahtzee, Boggle, Bananagrams, or Trivial Pursuit.

Make it more fun by separating into teams and keeping score. Award silly prizes to the winners like a homemade medal or crown.

Get really competitive by holding an official tournament for games like Gin Rummy or Monopoly. Let the trash talk fly! Have small prizes for the biggest losers too.

Read a Good Book

When better to catch up on your reading list than during a rainy day at camp? Find a dry, cozy spot in your tent or camper and get lost in the pages of a good book.

Share book recommendations with each other and discuss the best reads of the trip during meals and card games. Bring a couple of books to trade off so you don’t get bored.

Make a book swap box so you can continually exchange reading material on a rainy day. Take time to also jot down inspiring or funny passages you come across to discuss later.

Take a Nap

All that fresh air can make you drowsy so embrace it! Catch up on your sleep with an afternoon nap to the soothing sound of falling rain on your tent or camper roof.

You’ll feel so refreshed after. Make it a group affair and set alarms so you all nap and then reconvene for the next activity. Don’t oversleep though!

Let yourself fully relax by putting on some calming music or a meditation app. Make your napping space super cozy with a pillow, blanket and stuffed animal. Nap time is essential on a rainy camping day!

Go for a Rainy Hike

If it’s just a light rain, you can still get out amongst the trees with proper gear. A peaceful hike in the rain brings a magical atmosphere to the forest. Just bring raincoats, waterproof shoes, or waterproof tent and embrace the dripping scenery. You can buy a waterproof tent or you can make your tent waterproof using tarp.

Appreciate nature’s beauty and have deep conversations on the trail. Look for animals, birds, and insects that come out in the rain.

Pack a thermos of coffee or tea to enjoy during your walk. The cooling rain is refreshing when hiking on a hot day. Explore a new trail and take in rain-soaked views. Spotting deer, beaver dams, and other wildlife is often better during wet weather.

5 Rainy Day Camping Activities for Toddlers

Rainy Day Camping Activities for Toddlers

Keeping tiny tots entertained in the rain while camping can be challenging. Try these engaging ideas to keep toddlers happy at camp when the weather turns wet:

Make Mud Pies and Paint

Toddlers love getting messy so let them delight in the muck! Set them up with mud “pies” using dirt, leaves, sticks and puddles. Finger paint the tent or trees using watery mud. Just be ready to hose them down afterward! Let their creativity run wild.

Bring cookie cutters, muffin tins, and tools to take mud pies to the next level. Have a mud kitchen area set up under cover where they can play for hours. Artsy toddlers will love mixing mud paint colors.

Dance Party!

Burn off some energy by turning on music inside the tent or camper and having an impromptu dance party. Toddlers will love shaking their groove thing rain or shine!

Make it extra fun with dance props like scarves, maracas, and soft balls. Play freeze dance to get the wiggles out.

Make your own musical instruments like tambourines, kazoos and drums. Pull out dress up items like boas, silly hats and costumes. The sillier, the better! Award prizes for best dancers.

Storytime and Puppets

Make the most of cuddle time with a pile of picture books and puppet pals. Read classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or put on a puppet show production to engage their imagination. Have them make their own stick puppets for a DIY theater experience. Get cozy in pjs and snuggle up together.

Let kids pick the stories and create their own puppet shows. Make it interactive by having them act out parts of the story. Sprinkle in some lullabies and soothing tunes for variety. Share family stories and look at camping photo albums together.

Play Hide and Seek

A quick game of hide and seek is fun on rainy days when you have to stay in the tent or camper. Take turns finding each other and filling the space with giggles. Make it silly by adding animal sounds or singing as you seek. Just watch out for little ones sneaking into boxes and bags!

Up the ante by playing hide and seek in the dark with flashlights. Or hide a special stuffed animal and give clues to find it. Toddlers will think it’s hilarious when you pretend not to find them. Play over and over to burn energy!

Sing Songs and Campfire Chants

Teach your toddler classic camp songs like Down By the Bay and The Ants Go Marching to pass the time. Make up silly rhyming chants together like “We love camping, yes we do! Even when the rain drips on my shoe!” Keep them engaged by using hand motions and props.

Incorporate finger plays like Itsy Bitsy Spider. Make up rhythmic chants about the weather and animals. Use items around camp to make instrument sounds to go with your songs. Toddlers love repetitive tunes and being loud!

5 Rainy Day Camping Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Camping Activities for Kids

Don’t let bad weather dampen your camping adventure with kids – there are plenty of activities for rainy days at camp.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items around the campsite or indoors then send kids hunting for them. Customize your list for added fun like something fuzzy, something shiny, and something they can dance with. Make teams and turn it into a friendly competition. Offer prizes to the winning team.

Make kids really use their heads with riddle clues leading to the items. Give bonus points for silly performances with found objects. Have a mix of easy and hard things to find to appeal to all ages. Scavenger hunts burn energy and keep kids engaged.

Make Nature Art

Provide supplies like leaves, flowers, sticks, feathers and let those creative juices flow! Kids can make colorful nature collages on paper or create ephemeral art to display outdoors. Use mud, berries, and sticks to paint the trees and rocks. Display their masterpieces in the eating area.

Set up a dedicated art zone in your campsite with a table of supplies and art easels. Encourage them to use natural materials from the surrounding landscape. Make it a free for all with finger painting, coloured puddles, and mud. Unleash their inner artist!

Play Outdoor Games

Try classic games like freeze tag, hide and seek, or relay races. Just make sure kids wear boots and rain gear so they can safely play in the drizzle. Obstacle courses and frisbee are also fun to burn energy. Play flashlight tag after dark!

Set up a bike obstacle course with ramps and chalk lines – puddles just add excitement! Have a family Olympics with silly timed events like a muddy sack race. Play water balloon toss and catch outside. Camp is the perfect place for active kids.

Go Puddle Stomping

Stomping in puddles is a rite of passage for muddy kids. Let them find the biggest puddles to leap and splash in. It will tire them out! Have a reward like hot cocoa waiting when they finish their puddle play. Just get those wet clothes changed soon after!

Make puddle jumping a game by seeing who can make the biggest splash. Have them invent tricks like puddle flips and spins. Get the whole family involved in an epic puddle stomping battle. No need to avoid puddles – lean into the mucky fun!

Cook Camp Meals Together

Kids will have a blast helping prep camping favorites like tacos, chili, or banana boats for dessert. Just have safe tasks for their age like mixing and measuring. Let them get creative in camp cooking contests. Cook foil meals together and embrace the mess!

Let them help plan the entire meal, including dessert. Make it a top chef competition between teams. Have a station for each task like seasoning, grating cheese, etc. Outdoor cooking builds confidence and life skills. Just watch for too many unsupervised taste tests!

5 Rainy Day Camping Activities for Families

Rainy Day Camping Activities for Families

Don’t let wet weather dampen your family camping fun. Get everyone laughing and bonding with these all-ages activities:

Play Charades

This classic game spans generations and gets everyone involved through guessing silly acted-out words and phrases. Use a camping or outdoor theme for added fun. Keep score and give prizes to the acting skills of each family member. Make it competitive!

Hold family charades tournaments with brackets, scoreboards and trophies. Get creative with your own themed word banks around camping, nature and adventures. Let kids battle the adults in the championship round!

Hold a Talent Show

Let each person demonstrate their best talents and skills! Kids can tell jokes or sing and parents can share special skills like whistling or juggling. Cheer for everyone and award funny superlatives at the end like “Best Campfire Dance.” Let your creativity shine.

Make signs and flyers to advertise your talent show lineup. Build a stage area and props box. Devise an audition process to select the acts. You’ll be amazed what hidden talents emerge like magic tricks, poetry reading, and comedy skits!

Do Easy Science Experiments

Explore the science side of nature and weather with experiments like making a rain gauge or barometer. Observe how materials interact with water. See who can build the best leaf boat or paper airplane to fly across the tent. Learn through discovery!

Make a homemade lava lamp using oil, food coloring and Alka Seltzer. Try catching raindrops on wax paper to examine their shape. Have contests to invent the fastest leaf racer down a tent slope. Get kids hypothesizing and making predictions.

Play Would You Rather

Take turns asking questions like would you rather hike through the rain or snow? Would you rather go camping or to a resort? Get creative and spark friendly debates. Make it educational by having kids explain their choices. Discuss different perspectives.

Come up with thoughtful would-you-rather questions that spark interesting conversations and debates. Get a jar where family members can anonymously submit scenarios and dilemmas. Would you rather questions build empathy and critical thinking.

Make an Indoor Fort

Let kids take the lead to transform your tent or camper into an epic indoor fort using tarps, blankets, and flashlights. Get the whole family in on the fun. Take it up a notch by making it into an all-day hangout spot with activities inside. Bring books, games, snacks and get cozy.

Make an elaborate blanket cave with secret entrances and tunnels. Use furniture to hold up sheets overhead. Fill it with pillows, stuffed animals, and flashlights. Just don’t let roughhousing lead to the whole thing collapsing! Indoor forts spark endless imagination and laughter.


As you can see, a little rain doesn’t have to ruin your camping plans. With the right mindset and preparation, rainy days can be full of laughter, fun, and memories to cherish.

Use these rainy day camping activities as a starting point, then get creative with your own ideas to entertain kids and adults alike. Embrace the adventure of camping in the rain – splash in puddles, play games, sing songs, and make the best of your time together, whatever the weather.

The most important part about camping is the quality time spent with your group, not just the location. By focusing on each other, you’re sure to have a delightful trip even on the rainiest of days.

Stay cozy, go with the flow, and enjoy making magical memories! Don’t forget to document your rainy day antics with photos to look back on fondly. When back home, compile a scrapbook to capture all the silly, wet fun you had together.

Remember, a little rain can’t dampen the camp spirit when you have the right mindset. Keep the focus on bonding, laughter and making the most of your time together, not the weather. Tap into your imagination and silliness. Delight in making happy memories – rain or shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some good rainy day activities for camping with babies and infants?

    Reading board books, playing with safe toys, singing nursery rhymes, peekaboo, taking naps, and snuggling are great rainy day activities for babies at camp. Stay cozy in the tent or camper and take time to simply bond. Focus on tummy time and sensory play.

  • Should we still plan to cook meals while camping in the rain?

    Absolutely! Cooking hot meals is still possible with a camping stove and careful preparation. Focus on one-pot meals, sandwiches or foil packets. Eating together is an integral part of the experience. Just take shelter under cover when prepping food.

  • What games work well for rainy days in a small tent or camper?

    Classic small-space games like I Spy, Two Truths and a Lie, Would You Rather, Storytelling, 20 Questions, and Charades are fun and engaging without much room needed. Break out the deck of cards for Go Fish, Crazy Eights, War and other classics.

  • Is it safe for kids to play outside in light rain showers?

    As long as they are properly dressed in raincoats, pants, and rubber boots, light drizzle play is fine for short intervals and puddle stomping. Avoid lightning storms and high winds. Stay aware of changing conditions like temperature drops.

  • What kind of rainy day camp activities can I organise for both kids and adults?

    You can find a range of activities for kids and adults that are suitable for rainy days. Indoor activities can include story-telling sessions or a board game marathon with a variety of games. For outdoor rainy day camping activities for adults and kids, consider activities like rain dances, fishing in the rain, or even a photography challenge capturing the beauty of nature during the rain.

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